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MORE EvaDress Trousers

I suppose it goes without saying that I LOVE this pattern?! It’s December in Iowa and the weather is cold and gloomy, on its way to getting even colder and gloomier, and I could list the myriad of reasons skirts simply aren’t fun this time of year but I’ll just leave it at: pants are my go-to wardrobe staple when the temps dip, and I just can’t seem to bring myself to change that. So now that I’ve gotten over the fact that I’m simply not going to wear tights, I’m sewing up cute vintage trousers instead.

These are a mid-weight dark denim, and I’ve been wearing them weekly! They wash and wear just like jeans. Although unfortunately they also shrink like jeans as well: the first time I washed them I had to let out the hem a whole 1-1/2″!

The first pair of these I inserted a zipper, but decided to try buttons on this round. They turned out great! Although they kind of like to come part way unbuttoned as I wear them.

The pattern doesn’t call for it, but I added a lap to support the buttons.

I finished this pair just in time for the Husband’s office party last night.

I used a red poly gabardine and they drape so nicely. Hope they end up being as easy to care for as the denim ones.

Used some contrasting buttons and changed the direction of the buttonholes, so hopefully they won’t try to undress me as I’m wearing them like the others.

I have more of this gabardine in black and a sort of dark purpley-navish color, and originally thought I’d turn them out assembly line style, but have gotten kind of bored, lol! Will have to sew up some fun & quick projects before I get back to them.


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