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OK, here are the dresses. The older one’s was Simplicity 3329, no date, probably late 1950’s or early 1960’s. There is no reference to in on the internet to link a photo and I am not in a position to photograph it right now. The dress picture is actually copied from facebook from Easter. It goes into a v-backed neck and should have a bow at the CB which I left off. The little one’s was a 1940’s mail order pinafore style, not even sure where the pattern is at the moment. Both are from cotton voile pindotted swiss with broadcloth accents/binding. Both are fully lined. I completed the older one’s over 3 days of working and the inside is barely finished off, as quickly as I could do it. She would only wear it once or twice anyways, so I decided not to waste much time on it. The little one’s is better finished as she still wears dresses at the drop of the hat. These were fun to make, I wish I had more of the fabric for a top for me. It is so watercolor-pretty.
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